• 08 Nov 2022
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Article summary

Our system are providing serveral possible payment methods. Payment provider configuration is needed to use these payment methods excluding free and invoice.

Which payment methods do you support?
Currently, we are supporting the following payment methods:

Payment methodPayment providerDescription
invoicePaying by sending a invoice
freeIt is free of cost
smsLink MobilityPaying by using SMS via Link Mobility
smsPaySMSpayPaying by using SMS via SMSpay
masterpassMastercardPaying by using a digital wallet provided by Mastercard
vippsRecurringVippsPaying by using Vipps
kcoKlarnaPaying by using Klarna Checkout
creditcardPayexPayexPaying by using a creditcard via Payex.
swishPayexPayexPaying by using Swish via Payex
vippsEcommerceVippsSingle payment by using Vipps Ecommerce
OtherPaying by using own integration with payment provider.

How to set up payment provider configuration?
In order to set up this configuration, please contact Mediaconnect by sending an email to your contact person at Support.

Do I need an agreement with payment provider?
It depends on the payment methods. You need to have an agreement with the payment provider in order to use their services.